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‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ (2017). Trailer Review.

John’s back, and it seems he’s suiting up for a bigger, badder, more explosive sequel in the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017).

Poster from, ©Warner Bros Pictures

Reeves returns as the man who would make the Bogeyman think twice about stepping into a dark room, and he seems to have made fewer friends and yet more enemies in this action-packed sequel.

The trailer tantalises us with scenes of suitably high-octane, gun-wielding action, all accompanied by a soundtrack that possesses the same energy which transformed the violence of the first film into the near-balletic masterpiece we all loved.** There is the same morbid humour in this trailer as we have seen in the prequel, and McShane’s Winston continuing to bring as much parental charm as only a Godfather figure can. It’s an interesting turn of events to see Fishburne starring alongside his Matrix associate: we hear him before we see him, drawling that someone should acquire a gun for ‘this man’. From the editing, it appears that the recipient of the weapon should be Wick, but as we are never shown who Fishburne’s “Bowery King” is referring to, we will have to wait for the film’s release or future teaser material that particular identity to be revealed.

It seems that Wick’s popularity has improved since his last big screen adventure: a terse conversation with Scarmarcio’s Santino over lightly-frothed cappucinos with hatred syrup leads to a contract being taken out for Wick’s removal. It seems that if Wick is unreceptive to Santino’s proposition, he will be dealt with in an appropriately violent but thorough manner.

jw-3Still from trailer, ©Warner Bros Pictures

Into the frame steps a silent assassin, Rose’s aptly named Ares, and her squad of semi-automatic totting heavies. A woman scorned, emotionally or professionally, is not to be messed with: femme fatale characterization blends with the popular convention of a small woman with a big gun in Ares. I’m not certain where her thread is going to go: either Wick will meet his reluctantly-romantic-but-hot-as-hell match in this fiery assassin, or he will find himself in the dilemma of recognising traits of his beloved Helen and a crisis of incentive will occur. However this pans out, we have seen how Wick will happily attempt to dislocate the arm of any pretty woman who happens to have him in her crosshairs: let the mayhem begin!

Still from, ©Warner Bros Pictures


‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ is scheduled for a spring release, 2017.

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**I’m being HIGHLY selfish here, but wasn’t the Red Circle nightclub scene an intermedial delight because of the contrapuntal and action-sympathetic soundtrack?!


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