Trailer Review

‘The Emoji Movie’ (2017). Trailer Review.

I’m not entirely certain what I’ve just seen, but I think this might just about sum it up:

So, the visual aids we use to communicate with our friends have their own movie. Admittedly, I was as sceptical about the Lego franchise breaking into the cinema stream in 2015- but let’s face it, that film was, dare I say it, Awesome!

So what are we presented with? A “Meh” emoji, rendered with substantially more emotional and expressive depth than his two dimensional counterpart, introduces himself and the basic premise of the film: the Emojis are coming to the big screen for a feature length romp of yet-to-be-determined shenanigans. We have a brief insight into the personalities of the digitized emotions, focus centring on a diva Icecream’s existential rant, and the southern-received, erudite and somewhat pained sounding Poo Emoji. Right, so we have humour in the form of contrasting visuals-personalities, and the metafictionality of non-sentient images speaking philosophically on the nature of their existence within the mobile realm.

So far, so bizarre, but not without a wry smirk here and there. This should be interesting.

Final thoughts on this trailer? I’ll let the emoji do the talking.


See the trailer here:


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