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Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II. (2017) Trailer Review.

They’re baaaaaack! Star Lord, Drax, Gamora and the anthropomorphic duo Rocket and (Baby) Groot have burst back onto our screens with a new trailer, and it’s as groovy as we could have hoped for.

Poster ©Marvel, from

‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II’- musicality is the name of this game, the soundtrack bringing more than just nostalgia to the cinematic table. Characterization, action-accents, lyric symbolism- music crafted the mood for the first film, I’m going to be interested to see what this feature brings.

At 2 minutes and 13 seconds, a deceptively small amount of plot is revealed in this montage of excerpts. We see action, a lot of action, and some cosmic sights that leave you breathless at the beauty of the CGI, but very little of the final narrative is given away. Personally, I’m glad: I don’t want too much synopsis revealed before I get to see this film in the full glory of a cinema experience. But what we do see is mouth wateringly tempting. The special effects are BEAUTIFUL in this trailer, with the expanses of space and extra-terrestrial lifeforms as vivid and as diverse as the audience could imagine, but never once venturing too far into the fictionally absurd. That’s one of the beauties of this series: we’re entertained by a three-ringed circus of spectacle, but never once are we thrown by the action onscreen. Concentric circles of fiction and aesthetics and narrative maintain the momentum of the ride whatever comes, and never once do we stall in our enjoyment of it all. By the looks of this trailer, we’re in for another dose of goodness at the hands of the Marvel group.

As we’ve come to expect from these Marvel features, we have a smattering of characterization, a taste of drama, and a whole heap of comedy. The film promises some high-octane action events in space, humour at a very human expense, alien menaces with knicker-wettingly large amounts of teeth, and the best thing to happen for marketing executives: Baby Groot!

slImage ©Marvel, from

In the previous teaser trailer, we know that Star Lord’s cosmically famous pelvic sorcery has hit a stumbling block. The one-time Casanova of the Galaxy has met his match in one member of the merry band, and a heart-to-heart with Drax tantalises viewers with promises of more than one “what if” moment in the up-coming narrative.
Pratt’s team leader stands once more at the heart of his team, and sometimes with no small amount of disbelief at the escapades of his crew: does anyone else get flashbacks to Quill’s heated conversation with Rocket about bombs?

gImage ©Marvel, from

Every bit the warrior we were introduced to in the first instalment, Saldana’s Gamora smoulders out from the screen wielding a rather sharp looking sword- but it seems that in this film we will be given a truer sense of her skill at killing, rather than her killer body. Though undoubtedly impressive in the first film, Gamora’s role seemed more of a fatal window dressing than a developed character, something for Star Lord to chase after in a cocktail of slapstick humour and aesthetic consumption. We know she has a complex past, with no small amount of tragedy or personal doubt. Her grief is an emotional whetstone, and any character development in this installation is bound to counteract the inevitable comedy with a strain of emotional didacticism.

dImage ©Marvel, from

Drax the Destroyer, Dave Bautista, lives up to his narrative reputation in this trailer, but it seems to be rather more at the extent of his captain than any unfortunate opponent (though the innards of some unidentified, tentacley beastie does come in for some intense stabbing). We see another side to Drax in this trailer: in the first film, he had begun to let go of his lone-wolf warrior aggression in favour of team spirit and emotional camaraderie. Some unspecified time has passed since the events of the first installment, and now we see that though Drax has become a tamed ball of destruction, he is still as much of a wrecking ball as he ever was.

Whether it is laughing at the expense of Quill, or roaring in fury ahead of a fight, Drax has bloomed into a character I can’t wait to see more of in this film.

rImage ©Marvel, from

Anyone who has had to control a slightly drunken and accidentally chaotic friend will sympathise with Rocket in this trailer: the rodentine mastermind  has to wrangle explosives, high-powered weaponry and a cute-but-deadly companion who seems incapable of choosing any other option than Instant Death.

Cooper smirks, sighs and groans his way through this footage, and doesn’t his vocal talent bring the racoon to life?! Rocket develops his role from the first film along a linear path, becoming a guardian within the Guardians to his pint sized friend. Juggling the responsibility of weapons-expert and full-time babysitter of a plant that careers through the trailer with the same energy as a hyperactive toddler with a buzzsaw, Rocket’s influence on the trailer is one of weary older sibling rather more than the rogueish bounty hunter we encountered in the first film. Though I’ve no doubt his feisty attitude will resurface during the course of the story-arc (the rocket-powered, blaster wielding, fire-powered racoon opens the trailer, it’s a no-brainer!), it’s nice to see that the hirsuit chap can play the straight-man comedian as well as the homicidal lunatic with a smug grin.

bgImage ©Marvel, from

I Am GROOOOOOOOT. How can Vin Diesel sound so cute?! It makes no sense!!! But the CGI plant with attitude is back, and no shortage of stature is going to stop this vegetation from stealing the show. The tiny ent packs a big punch in this trailer, demonstrating admirably that being small is no hindrance when you can grow branch-like appendages for wrangling men ten times your size.


With suggesting May 2017 as the release date, we’re bound to have another trailer released in the new year closer to screening time. Whether we will see any further narrative sneak-peeks in new material will be interesting to examine in due course, but for now this trailer has given us a lot to chew over. Alien behemoths needing a group effort to defeat, swarms of enemy cosmic vehicles attacking Quill’s ship, an emotional medium with angler-fish head lamps that can see into the deepest pits of your psyche: the team are going on a mission that will test them emotionally, physically and mentally, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

Photo ©Marvel, from

‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II’. Coming to cinemas in the new year, 2017.


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