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Emerald City (2016) Trailer Review

Magic and Pickups and Tin Men- oh my! NBC’s trailer for their new series ‘Emerald City’ has been whipping up a storm on social media, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dubbed a “modern re-imagining” of the classic narrative, the trailer bursts onto our screens filled with tales of independent heroines, steroid-injected Totos (a small, feisty pooch he certainly isn’t), culturally divided technicolour worlds and the action-packed promise of magical versus non-magical warfare.

The aesthetics of the trailer is remarkably gritty: the yellow brick road has crumbled, witches are green with envy not green-skinned, and tin men wear armour around their bodies to protect their vulnerable hearts (I’ll be interested to see how metaphoric this costuming choice is).

Motifs of Oz litter the first moments of footage, including a neatly placed scarecrow, Dorothy’s faithful pooch, and a rainbow window charm. There also appears to be a colour-coded aura to the footage: a yellow filter and abundance of yellow objects bring a sepia theme to the trailer. Could this be a subconscious suggestion that this is the beginning of our 20-something Dorothy’s very own yellow brick road to self-enlightenment?


It’s not long before a twister picks up and hurls Dorothy, dog and police car (modern housing inspectors might find logistical fault with a house that can be sucked out of the ground, fictional narrative or no) into the realm of witches and wizards, but all is not as we would remember it.

A car crash and chilly introduction to a village of people who do not resemble the cheery munchkins we all recall, the action takes a turn towards a city where fantastical flying vehicles merge with armed guards reminiscent of Arthurian legend. An imperial looking man overlooks a city, debating the entrance of a stranger to his lands: green-swathed, imposing and imperious, he refutes the suggestion that magic remains in Oz. What has happened, and why does this new interpretation of The Wizard seem offended by the notion of magic in his world?

“Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” War is coming to Oz, and our Dorothy’s entrance heralds Great and Terrible things for its inhabitants.

Magic versus Science. Witch versus Soldier. Dorothy versus Oz.


This series promises to thrill us, fascinate us and visually astound us. For those of you able to catch this on NBC when it airs on 6 January 2017: you are very, VERY lucky people. I’m about as jealous as a green witch over a pair of ruby slippers…

View the trailer here, courtesy of


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