Trailer Review

Hidden Figures (2017) trailer

First impressions? This looks like the sort of film that packs so many punches, you’ll be twirling in your seat.

The soundtrack laid against the trailer speaks of old school rhythms set against old school mentality: if you’re not like the rest, you aren’t going to make it.

But I can see so many parallels of modern attitudes that this film screams to be seen time and time again, and then projected onto every building, wall and available flat surface possible. These are universal and timeless troubles projected against an historic timepiece. This one looks to be the film everyone will talk about for the publicity of gender, race and academic issues, sugar coated with that 1960s soundtrack.

It also appears to be a film of bittersweet comedy: finding the humour in socially awkward situations, leaving every audience member groaning for the shared experiences we’ve all encountered (friends “helping” you talk to the dreamboat, anyone?).

I can’t wait to see this film, and with the acting power of Olivia Spencer joining forces with Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons (nice to see him in a role taken away from tinned laughter), this promises to be one to pre-order on DVD!


One thought on “Hidden Figures (2017) trailer

  1. It’s funny though. Your blog post about the movie is more interesting than the movie itself. You make it so much fun. It makes me want to check these movies out. Thanks a ton. 😃


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